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Places to Fish:

Even though we may not have cool mountain streams like West Virgina or “big sky” fishing locations of Montana, Southern Maryland has some great spots for the fly angler. These are some of our favorite places to fish in Southern Maryland.

⇒ WHEATLEY LAKE, part of Gilberts Run Park, is a 75 acre lake located in Charles County and is full of Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Black Crappie, and seasonally stocked Trout. The lake has large spots of cleared shoreline and several piers that make fishing directly from the shore easy and fun. Underwater structure in shallow water hold large Bass and Panfish and the dropoffs to the deeper section of the lake provide opportunity to catch even larger fish.

The lake is fed from several different areas, the main water source being Wheatley run. At the other end of the lake is near the dam and pump station, a hot spot for trophy bass. The park is also home to a pair of Bald Eagles, numerous Herons, a thriving White Tailed Deer population and other local wildlife.

⇒ MALLOWS BAY is our of favorite places to fish. Known as the home of the “Ghost Fleet” it is home to approximately 150 early 20th century ships that were sunk in a small bay off the Potomac River. A fleet of ships were built during the First World War, but never made the trip across the Atlantic before the war ended in 1918. After numerous attempts at being salvaged, they were eventually sunk in Mallows Bay in Nanjemoy, Maryland. The rotting wooden ships enriched the soil and became a sanctuary for wildlife, becoming one of the most ecologically diverse location in Maryland. You never know what is swimming right below you in one of the sunken ships.

More to come…