Fishing Report

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At Wheatley Lake we caught several largemouth bass, sunfish and black Crappie using a 5wt flyrod and #18 elk haired caddis flies on floating line. As the water temperature increased during late morning the fishing dropped off, however we continued to fish the shadows and caught several more sunfish and smaller bass.

Last week of September we pitched a tent near Brunswick Maryland and fly-fished the upper Potomac from the Bridge to the Brunswick campground boat ramp. Fly-Fishing started off slow, wading and canoeing on the Virginia side of the river, but with some persistence we were able to find some deep holes and structure near the boat ramp which held a few panfish. This was a fun trip and the campground is a good place to spend the night if you want to rough-it and fish the upper Potomac within walking distance from your campsite. ┬áIf you don’t own a canoe and want to rent one, stop in and see Phil at the campground bus and he will provide a rental. Call first for the boat rental schedule.