Shoveling Snow and Tying Flies

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Hello Anglers.

Don’t let the snow fool you, spring is really here and the Maryland DNR has already started stocking the local streams and ponds around the region. Within the next couple of weeks the weather will warm up and flyfishing will be at its best. If you hadn’t learned the pleasure and satisfaction of casting a flyrod and landing bass, trout and other pan fish you are truly missing out on a great time. Learn to flyfish right here in Southern Maryland. Once you learn the basics of fly casting, tying a few good knots and little dedication practicing, you will be able to flyfish anywhere your heart desires.

Today March 17, we have about 6-8 inches of snow on the ground in Hughesville, Md. After I get finished shoveling and plowing, I will be relaxing at my desk tying flies that local bass and trout love to eat. If you are interested learning the relaxing hobby of tying your own flies, we have the equipment necessary to get started and it’s not as hard as you may think. See our Store Button on the home page for more details.

Tight Lines,
Mike-Southern Maryland Fly Fishing.