Client Feedback

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What our clients are saying about us:
“Several weeks ago I got in touch with you guys about starting fly fishing. Today was the day! I was a few minutes early to the lake and Mike was already waiting for me. He was the consummate professional with instructing me today. I didn’t ask a question he could not answer for me. He provided real time feedback on my fly casting which helped A LOT! Shane has been in touch with me usually within the hour when I have contacted him via facebook messaging over the last few weeks. I also ordered 2 dozen flies from him that he had for me and they came out GREAT! After about an hour and a half of instruction, Mike cut me loose on the water. Within half an hour I had caught my first two fish ever on a fly! Thanks for a great time and making a pleasurable learning experience for me with my new obsessi…….I mean hobby! I will be in touch again guys! The service is outstanding with the two of you and it is much appreciated!”