Still Time to Fish!

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Hey Folks, don’t hang-up that flyrod just yet. We are entering some of the best fishing of the year. As you can see below, Maryland DNR has started their fall trout stocking in our local streams and ponds that we fish each week. Biologist released 23000 fish in Maryland waters and we plan to fish straight through the winter months. Ants and caddis flies are our favorite patterns this time of year and we have plenty in stock.

Trying to get a friend or family member involved in fly fishing. It’s a great way to beat the stress of everyday life. You don’t have to go far to enjoy fly fishing, any stream, lake or pond will do just fine.

Remember, Christmas time is just around the corner, If you are planning to buy lessons, guided trips, fly Rods, flies and other great gifts this year, please get your orders in early. See our website for discounted holiday specials. Also, let us know if you have fished with us in the past for an additional discount on equipment for the Holiday Season. You know (he or she) have been talking about getting into fly fishing for some time now, our combo fly rod kits come completely loaded and ready to fish. I fish with our 4 piece, 5 weight Trout Stalker Combo and it’s a great fly rod to use in streams, ponds and rivers for panfish.

Dress warm and keep fishing while other folks are laying on the sofa watching fishing shows on television, you’ll be happy you did and feel free to send us photos of your best days out there in the great outdoors.

Tight lines,