Farewell to James Drake

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Mr. Kundreskas will surely be missed and our prayers go out to the family. I have looked forward to reading his column for over 25 years, anticipating his knowledge and wit regarding his outdoor adventures and similar related information. Jim not only gave us his articles and information about local fishing and hunting, he actually taught us some things about life and raising our kids, getting them out of the house and to the great outdoors. Mr. Kundreskas was not just a writer or columnist, he was a teacher. He taught us how to rig-up correctly for bass and bluegill, how to be safe during hunting season by writing about tree-stand safety and wearing blaze orange. He also taught us about conservation and kept us up date with information regarding Maryland DNR and other regulatory agencies. Jim also gave us ideas on what to buy our family and friends for birthdays and Christmas gifts, the latest cool gear out on the market. But the best thing he gave me was coming home from ragged day of work and looking forward to reading his Outdoors Column, getting ready for the weekend on the lake. I would always open theFriday edition and say to my wife and son, let’s see what James Drake is writing about today and were the fish are biting! Although, I have never met James in person my family and I feel like we just lost one of our best friends. James (Drake) Kundreskas will surely be missed by many us, but his memories will live on for many many years to the outdoors’s community.

Tight Lines my friend.