Spring is coming

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Right now we are tying flies and getting ready for when the fish really crank up and get moving…and for the lakes and ponds to thaw out. On some of these cool days, I can feel a hint of spring in the air, or maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I’d like to believe cool morning fishing is just around the corner. In the meantime, here at the SOMD Fly Trap, we are tying flies at a fast rate during these frozen days of winter, preparing for the good times to come. It won’t be long before the trees start to bloom and mother nature kicks-in some of the best fishing in the region. Now is the time to get your gear ready, make sure those reels are clean and working properly, spool on some new line so you don’t take a chance on possibly losing the biggest fish you’re ever caught. Practice fly casting out in the yard while using a paper plate for a target. Warm-up by casting around trees and shrubs without hitting them for real time practice. Load up your fly boxes with ant patterns and Wooly Buggers, maybe a few elk haired caddis flies. Make sure your fly line is nice and clean and replace it if necessary. I know you think it’s a little early, but when the fish get moving you want to be able to load up the vehicle and head to the lake.
For those of you that like to read fly fishing stories, ( what could be better, right?) one of my favorite authors is John Gierach. John has written another great book titled ““. Can’t imagine how he thought that one up. Folks this book is a great read with John’s savvy humor as he pokes fun at life itself, sometimes we need that during these crazy times. Pick up a copy at Amazon or at your favorite book store, your won’t be disappointed, I promise..and as Mr Gierach would say ” All fishermen are Liars except you and me”. (and sometimes I wonder about you)
Tight Lines,
Mike Gargano
Southern Maryland Fly Fishing